About LGFG Clothing

About Look Good Feel Good Clothing, Top brand clothing for affordable prices.

Look Good, Feel Good Clothing is an American based company that primarily features independent brands focusing on high quality clothing and accessories with a wide range of products to accommodate customers in the US, Canada and most other countries.

Independent Brands we Work With Include:

  • Find Your Coast Apparel 
  • No Fixed Abode
  • Virgin Teez
  • Leather Skin
  • Paul Parkman Handmade
  • Shore Trendz
  • TSF Designs
  • Venley
  • Heather Jones
  • Lavanya Coodly
  • Luxury and Me
  • And Many More!

We will absolutely bring on more popular American brands in the future as we expand, but one of our goals is to promote some truly incredible independent brands who produce authentic products that will surely impress while at the same time live up to our company brand and mantra.

Our Brand and Mantra

Our brand and mantra is "Look Good, Feel Good" which is the base mission of all the products we provide. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you are not only happier, but also more productive and positive in all aspects life. Out tag line is "Make a lasting impression" and the clothing and accessories we offer align with this perfectly. Whether it is with a stylish hoodie, elegant dress shirt, summer dress or a pair of uniquely designed flip flops, LGFGC products will have you looking good, feeling good and leaving a lasting impression on whoever you interact with. We guarantee it!

Our Products


Clothing may dominate the products offered, but we offer multiple other products relevant to our mantra and will continue adding more over time as we grow. Some other products we provide include: 

  • Shoes and Dress Shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Watches
  • Wallets
  • All Types of Bags (Backpacks, Travel, Purses, Totes and More)
  • Sunglasses
  • We Even Offer Some Incredible Wedding Dresses
  • And Much More to Come!

Our Goal for the Future

As we grow along with the independent brands we work with you can expect a consistent uptick in new products in existing categories as well as new categories that are relevant to our "Look Good, Feel Good" mantra. Clothing products may be our main focus, but there is so much more to looking good and feeling good than clothing alone. Here at LGFGC, our goal is to provide our customers with everything they can possibly need to look and feel the best they can in their own unique way which is why we offer so many product options and will continue to add more. 

These days, everyone wants to customize what they purchase whether it be their car or their cell phones and clothing is no different. One thing we are really excited about potentially offering in the near future is the option to customize your clothing from dress shirts to hoodies to hats and more. Whether you upload your own design or photo or request a local artist from the LGFG network sketch a photo you submit, customers will be able to both personalize and customize their clothing products in a variety of ways. 

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