Founder and CEO


Asher Stefani, Founder & CEO, LGFG

Asher Stefani is the founder of LGFG, a luxury clothing line created around the concept of “Look Good Feel Good.” The vision behind the brand is to help people look and feel good in the clothing they’re wearing which ignites a winning mindset that evokes self-confidence and a desire to achieve greatness. 

Besides his passion for fashion, Stefani is the founder of Ascendance Website Solutions, a San Diego based web design and marketing agency. He will be adding a new service to this business specifically to help others who are trying to launch or already have their own fashion brand to be successful online while also reducing sourcing/manufacturing costs with a full circle fashion brand success program handling the process from start to launch to years of growth. 

In his free time, he loves to workout, constantly grow by seeking knowledge, develop innovative ideas and spend time with his family and his dog Luna. Despite a severe injury at the end of 2018 that almost cost him his leg and life, he still loves to travel and hike new mountains and has worked tirelessly to bring the strength back to his leg and overcome the constant pain from muscle and nerve damage.  

Going through a life altering event that has left him with permanent damage to his leg has taught Stefani that although life may not be promised, it is worthy of 100% effort in order to live a blessed life, be kind, build character and help as many people as you can while you can. 

This is the basis of both LGFG and Ascendance Website Solutions as well as his plans for programs to help others overcome obstacles in the business field, severe injuries, chronic pain and depression which are in the works and will be ready to launch towards Q4 of 2020. 

Remember, "life is short and precious, time is the most valuable asset you have, look good, feel good and make a lasting impression!"