Shipping & Returns


Return Policy

All orders are made to order, but we still offer a fair return percentage for accounts ranging from 3% to 5% depending on order frequency and quantity. 

Cancellation Policy

Orders may be canceled, however, they must be canceled before our manufacturers begin the order. If an order has been started it cannot be canceled. Orders typically begin the same day if they are processed in the morning or the following morning if they are processed in the evening. Should you cancel your order on time, there will be a 25% of the order total cancellation fee to cover costs. 

All orders are made to order and cannot be cancelled once the manufacturing has begun. 


Shipping costs, taxes and duties will be the responsibility of the purchaser. 

Our team will do everything in our power to keep these costs down for the purchaser. 

Shipping costs are not something we can manipulate or control as they are simply what they are and will be be based on order quantity, weight and shipping speed. The larger the order, the more purchasers will save on shipping. 

Purchasers can also use their own shipping accounts to cover shipping which is normal and could also save.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, taxes or duties, feel free to reach out and we will get back to you shortly.