Trusted Suppliers & Manufacturers

At LGFG, we take pride in the quality of our clothing and understand the importance of having a solid network of suppliers that uphold to the highest standards when it comes to quality of work, quality of fabrics and quality finished products. Over the last few years we have built up a team of suppliers and manufacturers to produce clothing that aligns with the LGFG mantra and will continue to grow our network so we can offer the absolute best products for the absolute best price for our resellers. 

Having established meaningful relationships with each and every supplier and manufacturer we work with it allows us to offer the LGFG lines at pricing that leaves our resellers with low costs and high margins while providing their customers with clothing that is stylish, fashionable, trending and extremely comfortable at reasonable and competitive price points. 

The LGFG line is produced and manufactured in Bangladesh, the number 2 clothing distribution country only behind China. The difference is quality over quantity along with much higher standards when it comes to work conditions for each and every manufacturer we work with. We are working hard with our partners to begin using fabrics like hemp rather than synthetic fabrics that are cost effective, but terrible when it comes to waste. Fabrics like hemp are much more environmentally friendly, sustainable and still provide the same level of excellence and comfort. Rather than working toward a quick dollar, LGFG and our partners have goals to work now for a better future for all of us while producing products that adhere to the LGFG standards and mantra.

Our partner manufacturer quality standards


What does it mean to work with a company who has trusted suppliers and manufacturers?

  • Production of exceptional products that will sell and keep your customers coming back

  • Fabrics that are elegant, comfortable and sustainable

  • Production times that are faster than average

  • Low minimum orders that are still at a low cost

  • Low costs and large margins

  • Ability to easily source and manufacture what you need if it is not in the LGFG catalog

  • Ability to continue expanding the LGFG catalog to keep your stores stocked with fresh and trending items that bring repeat customers for your stores

  • Ability to adapt when situations come up and still produce orders on time at close to or no change to original low costs (Example, fabric suppliers shutting down in China due to COVID-19)

  • Ability to take pride in the products you sell knowing that they come from credible sources that provide quality work conditions 

  • Be part of the solution in the near future to the 2nd largest waste pollution source in the world, clothing, by reselling products made from fabrics that are environmentally friendly

  • Less stress for you knowing that every order you place with LGFG will be handled professionally, strategically, completed on-time and held to the highest standards

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Our network of amazing manufacturers produce clothing products and accessories for well known brands that charge significantly more and do not offer the flexibility, support or the quality products that LGFG does.







 Are you ready to work with the LGFG team? Contact us today to get started!